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Bochica Tres
10-16-1979  to  4-22-2003

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      Imported from Colombia in 1984 Bochica Tres aged gracefully and served his owners, Bonnie and Charles Minter, Sr., and the Bravo collection well.  As a young stallion, Bochica Tres was shown on the west coast and earned for himself the honor of Title of Proficiency, as well as Legion of Merit and West Coast Champion in Conformation and Classic Fino.

   Charles and Bonnie accepted an invitation to exhibit Bochica Tres at the Paso Fino Horse Association's 30th Grand National Championship Show in Perry, Georgia, honoring those stallions on the Top Ten Stallion List in past years.  Bochica was on this list for several years.

     He introduced more Californians to the Paso Fino breed than any other Paso Fino horse.  He has set an example for all of his offspring who follow him in such events as the Pre Olympics, Tournament of Roses, Hollywood Christmas Parade, California State Fair's Cavalcade of Horses, and the 1999 American Pet Extravaganza. 

     Bochica Tres, ridden by Michael Minter, and two of his daughters, Fugitiva Bravo, ridden by Martha Coolidge and Grabriela de Paso Bonita, ridden by Carlos Sola were featured in the movie, Out to Sea, directed by Martha Coolidge.  Look for Bochica Tres, exhibited by Michael Minter in the 1999 National Geographics Feature The Nature of Horses.

      Charles considers Bochica Tres a tribute to correct conformation with a perfect four beat gait and much brio.  Many Paso Fino enthusiasts remember Bochica Tres as their first introduction to the Paso Fino breed.  The Minters consider themselves indeed blessed to have owned such a stallion who has been honored by the owners of his offspring who believed in him and showed their horses as well.

     Bochica lived a full life at his retirement home in North Carolina with Bonnie and Charles Minter.  When it became apparent that he was living in pain Charles had to make the hard decision to have him laid to rest.  On a beautiful cloudless day Bochica was groomed to perfection and the North Carolina family gathered to honor him.  Pictures were made of the granddaughters and his last offspring Bochica Cuarto who is destined to take his sire’s place as the main stallion of Minters’ Rancho Paso Bravo.   His gravesite is in a corner of the yard with Crepe Myrtle trees to shade his place of honor.  The Minters brought back to North Carolina the plaque honoring Mar de Plata which will be placed in honor alongside Bochica Tres.