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Mar de Plata LaCE   

8-21-1960  to  5-22-1987

 Oil Painting by Edward Bierly, Featured in the lobby of the world famous
Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Ky.

    “Intense” is the keyword in describing Mar de Plata LaCE.  Everything about this magnificent Paso Fino  stallion was intensified—his spirit, his style, his carriage, the  purity of his gait and his ability to pass these qualities on to his immediate offspring and successive generations.  From the tip of his delicate inwardly curved ears to the end of his naturally flowing tail, Mar de Plata LaCE epitomized concentrated energy and alertness.

     His name translates as Sea of Silver.  However in Mar de Plata LaCE’s case, the sea would not have been a peaceful pool, but a stormy tempest.  He only tolerated people; mares being his true love.  Mar de Plata LaCE respected only one man, George LaHood, who showed him to his many national honors and had affection for only one man, Michael Minter, who loved the stallion from childhood and cared for him in his last years.

     Mar de Plata LaCE  was imported from Colombia in 1968.  Although his pedigree has proven to be impeccable, he was not shown until his training was completed in the United States..  His destiny was to become a major influence on the American Paso Fino Breed.

     Ridden by Mr. LaHood, Mar de Plata LaCE became the First Grand National Champion Paso Fino in the United States.  The word “LaCE” stands for LaHood’s Champion Equines and is a part of the names of many famous American Paso Finos.

     Although this lovely white stallion earned many awards, the most prestigious came when he was designated as a Foundation American Paso Fino Sire for his individual excellence and influence on the breed.  Mar de Plata LaCE is number 1 in the Paso Horse Registry Stud Book.

     In 1982 Mar de Plata LaCE was purchased by Rancho Paso Bravo  in Agua Dulce, California  to continue his  breeding tradition on the west coast.

     In April 1988, a large gathering of admires met to dedicate a memorial at the grave site of this unforgettable horse. The wording of the Plaque, as shown below, expresses the outward regard of those present.  No words can express what he meant to the privileged few.  The Minters brought back to North Carolina the plaque honoring Mar de Plata which will be placed in honor alongside Bochica Tres.

Mar de Plata LaCE
August 21, 1960  -  May 22, 1987

Champion of Champions and Foundation Sire
 of the American Paso Fino Breed


“May the intensity of his spirit continue
to be bestowed on the legacy he left us.”

    In loving Memory, this Plaque is dedicated by
 his United States Owners.


George J. LaHood, Jr.
Herbert W. Sutton
Charles D. Minter, Sr.




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