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Charles and Bonnie Minter
     Charles Minter and wife Bonnie purchased their first Paso Fino horse in 1971.  They were instrumental in starting The Atlantic Paso Fino Horse Association in North Carolina which encompassed seven states.  Minter introduced the first Paso Fino horses to North Carolina and has trained and shown the Paso Fino horse to numerous national championships.  Minter helped to organize the Paso Fino Horse Association and is one of the first judges for the breed.  He has held numerous positions in the association including the Nominating Committee Chairman, Judges Committee, Long Range Committee, and Executive Committee,  Board Representative from California PFHA.

     Minter has been in the business over 36 years and has sold an untold number of Paso Fino Horses in the United States as well as foreign countries. He has been an American Horse Show Association Judge and Senior Certified Paso Fino Horse Judge of the Paso Fino Owners and Breeders Association.  Charles is one of the ten recipients of the Rosalie Mac William award for outstanding service to the promotion of the Paso Fino horse.  After 36 years, Minter is still an active breeder and promoter of the Paso Fino Horse.  Both Charles and Mar de Plata LaCE have been inducted into the Paso Fino Hall of Fame at the PFHA Nationals in in Perry, Georgia.
     Paso Fino is Spanish for "Fine Step" and Paso Bravo, a working Paso Fino Horse Ranch is the home to over sixty fine stepping Paso Fino horses where every color, size, and age can be found.  The Paso Fino is cherished for its Gait.  Because of the smooth gait, Paso Fino riders can spend hours in the saddle without tiring.  Because of their size (13.2 to 15.2 hands), the Paso Fino is easier to mount and dismount.  With this in mind, the Paso Fino is known as the Rolls-Royce of the equine world. 

     The Minters spent many years in California and then began their move back their roots in North Carolina in 2000.  They are now settled with ranch improvements appropriate to accommodate the Royalty of their Paso Fino Horses.  Charles gives seminars and lectures on the breed.  At Paso Bravo the owners of the ranch share a common thread, "their love for Paso Fino Horses."  The Paso Finos are easy to deal with and easy to fall in love with.  That's why our motto is "to ride one is to own one." 

     One of the main objectives of Paso Bravo is to introduce the public to Paso Fino Horses.  Preserving the history and heritage of our Paso Fino Breed is very important to us.  For a demonstration ride and a visit, call
Charles or Bonnie Minter or contact them at the email address below.
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Due to retirement age we are reducing our herd to a minimum.
Our remaining horses are top quality show and breeding stock.

Serious competitors and breeders should take advantage of this offering.  We would consider package deals with further discounts.   Take advantage of years of our acquiring some of the best of the breed.  Many of these horses are descendents of Bochica Tres who was inducted into the Paso Fino Horse Association’s HALL OF FAME at the
2006 Grand National Championship Show, Perry, Georgia

Email:  cmintersr@triad.rr.com
Charles and Bonnie Minter

(336) 731-4540